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Meet Alexandre Seguin

There are quite a few Space Engineers here at the Lassonde School of Engineering, but one of them is truly noteworthy. Alexandre Séguin, a pensive second-year student from Ottawa.

Alex is a Lassonde Scholar, a keen and avid learner of the sciences, with a particular passion for mathematics. He nearly joined the Canadian Coast Guard, but chose engineering because, in his words, “Space is an expanding field”. Clearly fond of puns, Alex has been known for his sense of humour. He loves spending his time off exploring downtown Toronto; keeping an eye out for video games and comic book stores.


Although he is a thoughtful character, there is more than meets the eye.

Alex used to lend his voice to sing baritone in a Barbershop quartet along with his friends during high school. He also practiced Jiu-Jitsu at the time. Currently, he is immersed in his studies, with a healthy mix of arts and sciences, as reflected by the poetry he pens. Check out a couple of his songs here:

“If there is one thing my musical education taught me, it is to have an appreciation for the arts and to give everything a chance. To listen, to learn, without expecting anything in return. It taught me to make opinions for myself.”


“My experience here at Lassonde was amazing”, he explained, “the faculty is very open and friendly, and there are lots of ways to get involved.” At present, Alex is the Financial Executive of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) in Lassonde and an active male ambassador for the Women in Science and Engineering (W.I.S.E) chapter here at York.


When asked about the future, he doesn’t waver. “I’d definitely like to work in engineering. The dream would be to work on a lunar outpost or in the first Martian colonies. Life would be perfect right there.”


Humans of Lassonde

Abhirami Sunil is a journalist at Lassonde Media Group who does not like to write about herself in the third person but can be persuaded occasionally. She is currently in her first year of Computer Science, and fiercely loves puns.
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