The Birth of a Mascot

York University has a fierce lion; Lassonde gets a zebra. Why?

Why Zebra?

That was the question everyone had on their mind when they first witnessed a Zebra in the Bergeron building. What started as a mere attempt of aesthetics, soon became a moment.

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You can find this nameless zebra statuette inside the Office of the Dean (Bergeron Centre, 2nd floor).

The idea of Lassonde being represented by a Zebra figurine grew on all students. For some, it was a matter of joke, while some took it to heart. Usually, when people think of their mascot, they think about the values the mascot has, and how attractive it would look when they wear clothing with the mascot on. Lassonde likes to do things differently, just like the Renaissance of Engineering.

Now that we have some representation, let’s give some meaning to it.


“When they are in a herd, the Zebra’s distinct stripes merge into a big mass and make it hard for predators to single out individual animals.”

Unity. That is what we stand for. We may have been divided by academic fields, clubs, and positions, but in our heart, we are Lassondians with Lassonde pride, growing everyday with the reputation of Lassonde.


“Just like a human fingerprint, a Zebra’s stripe is unique to the individual.”

Being united and yet having a sense of individuality is what we strive for. Everyone has their own uniqueness, their own talent which makes them a Lassondian, the R-factor, the Renaissance factor.


“In Native American shamanism, the Zebra is the symbol of balance, agility, clarity without filters, and sureness of path.”

Lassonde strives towards achieving the balance, whether it is the ratio of male and female students or the balance of achieving success in both, academics and extra-curricular activities.

Think you can come up with a better reason? Comment us your reason and we’ll choose the wittiest and/or funniest one to win a prize! Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with the person behind the zebra!


Amal Dave is a fourth year space engineering student. In his years with Lassonde he has been the Social Director of Lassonde Student Government and is now the Co-Chair of Lassonde Media Group.
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