LMG Kickoff: Glow in the Dark Party

Please join us!


We are honored to share this exciting news! Lassonde Media is hosting its annual (but very first!) Glow-in-the-dark party on Wednesday, October 26th, 2016.

We want to invite y’all to our lovely kick-off event! If you had enjoyed our previous event, LinkedIn Photo Day, we bet you would love this one too. (The best part is IT’S FREE) All you have to do is to RSVP at: https://lassondemedia.ticketleap.com/kickoff/

Come and see how Bergeron 125 can be transformed into a party house. AND DO NOT MISS THIS VERY COOL OPPORTUNITY. It is a dry event so anyone intoxicated won’t be allowed in.

* Recommended: wear something WHITE or NEON


Diana Lee is a member of living Lassonde dinosauria (with a hint of Homo sapiens). She is usually spotted at 105 Bergeron with other academic advisors and 102C Bergeron, aka Lassonde Media Group's office. She rarely walks or climbs up the stairs unless hard pressed. She minds a lot of things that are none of her business. In her 3rd year, she decided to start this cool organization called 'Lassonde Media Group' with her cool --but less cooler than herself-- friends, Amal and Andrew, as she loves writing and expressing her creativity via graphic design and contents generation. Rumor has it that she's graduating soon. VERY SOON.
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