Amal Dave

Amal Dave is a fourth year space engineering student. In his years with Lassonde he has been the Social Director of Lassonde Student Government and is now the Co-Chair of Lassonde Media Group.
  • The Birth of a Mascot

    Why Zebra? That was the question everyone had on their mind when they first witnessed a Zebra in the Bergeron building. What started as a mere attempt of aesthetics, soon became a moment. Still looking for a name! Comment with suggestions #lassondeschool #renaissancezebra A photo posted by Lassonde (@lassondeschool)...
  • Extracurriculars: A Student’s POV

    In my first year, I was a caterpillar wrapped in a cocoon, focusing only on my classes. The transition from high school to university wasn’t easy for me. It might be because of the cultural difference I experienced in moving to a completely new country, or the freedom one receives...